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    Rolex 50505 Gold Cace Cellini Black Dial Auto Movement Watch

    Rolex 50505 Gold Cace Cellini Auto Movement Watch With Black Dial & leather Strap Rose Gold Case,Top Notch Rolex Cellini ...

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    18 K Ref 50505 Gold Rolex Cellini White Face 40mm Watch

    18 K Ref 50505 Gold Rolex Cellini 39mm Watch With Yellow gold Case White Dial, Highest Level Rolex Cellini Watch Internet Sal...

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    Rolex 18K 50515 Rose Gold Men's Wrist Watch 38mm Cellini Watch

    Rolex 18K 50515 Yellow Gold Men's Wrist Watch 39mm Cellini Watch With Rose Gold Case Brown Leather Bracelet, Highest Quality ...

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Overview of Hot Selling Rolex Cellini Watches Replicas

Rolex watch is a timeless and classic brand in the hearts of collectors of watches. In 2004, Rolex presents the new Cellini series, which highlights the classic style and timeless elegance of traditional timepieces in contemporary spirit. This new series consists of 12 classical watches, Each piece with a professional technology and exquisite craftsmanship, fully demonstrating the timeless tradition of Rolex watchmaking. The diameter of 39 mm is considered to be the best size of the dress watch, and it has a day-and-night display function. Friends who are familiar with Rolex should know that the watches with two-time zone plays a very important part to keep track time for travellers who are always on business trips. There are three main features of this Cellini series in this page.   

a. Genuine Leather Strap
The leather wriststrap watch will not feel cold when worn in winter and the leather strap is more elegant that also can be selected in more styles and colors. Cellini Series Watch with soft and comfortable leather wriststrap perfectly show the high-end taste and fashion pursuit of gentlemen.
b. Dial
Simple and clear dial with slender and unique Roman numerals as well as double-edged sword-shaped hands that can tell you the accurate time at every moment. Different parts on the face complement each other very well.
This Cellini series are equipped with the Asian movement, providing you precise travel time, functional diversity and practicability. It is worth mentioning that it only needs little money of the pro-people, and it is very suitable for daily use.
d. Bezel
This Cellini series with the fluted bezel is different from the ordinary timepiece that has a high degree of identification.

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